Jill Kennedy Textile Artist


"Introduction to Silk Painting" by Jill Kennedy

Product Code: BKJK01

Price: £5.00

By Jill Kennedy. Published by Jill Kennedy. Colour. 150x210mm. 24 pages. Paperback.

"Introduction to Silk Painting" by Jill Kennedy

An introduction to Silk Painting for beginners. Covers all the basic techniques, materials and equipment. A very informative, easy to follow paperback book for beginners. Advice on equipment and materials, exciting ways of applying colour to silk using the gutta, watercolour, salt and alcohol techniques.

Some of Jill's earlier books are no longer available from Rainbow Silks, but can be purchased from Amazon.


"Silk Painting with Jill Kennedy" DVD

Product Code: DVDJK1

Price: £19.95

By Jill Kennedy. Produced by Studio Galli Productions, 2007. Running time 145 minutes. Dolby, NTSC, Region 1.

"Silk Painting with Jill Kennedy" DVD

A fantastic DVD filmed with Jill. Very comprehensive, the DVD format means that you can easily split the DVD into lessons. Covering a wide range of techniques, you can learn a great deal from Jill's demonstrations. Jill covers everything from the basics on to shading, watercolour, thickener, wax, gutta, antispread, decolorant and much more. To see clips and movie stills from Jill's DVD, visit the Studio Galli website.

Jill is featured in Talking Threads, a vibrant and lively TV series about Textile Art which is now available in DVD format from Colouricious. Talking Threads DVD