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Jill Kennedy curently runs one online course on Silk Painting. This course is run on the Internet. Unlike the day courses or masterclasses, there is no actual workshop. You follow the course on your own computer.

The course is designed to take approximately 8-10 weeks, at about 1 day per week, but it is up to you how much you do. It can be completed much more quickly or much more slowly, at your own pace. Note that the course is in web page format, it is not a video.

The Silk Painting 1 Online Course is no longer available to purchase.

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The Silk Painting 1 Online Course is fully described below.

Course Intro Banner

Course Introduction:
Discussion of Design.
Use of colour.
Stretching the silk.

Streching the Silk Silk Blanks

Watercolour Technique Banner

Watercolour Technique:
Painting directly onto the stretched silk with water and dyes using a free approach.

Scarves - Pongee 9 Scarf - Pongee 9

Gutta Technique Banner

Gutta Technique:
How to outline your designs using GUTTA.
Stopping the dyes from spreading beyond the gutta line.

Sarong - Pongee 9 Quilt - Crepe de Chine

Salt Technique Banner

Salt Technique:
The easiest technique of them all involving sprinkling rock salt onto damp painted silk to create wonderful textures.

Scarf - Pongee 9 Cards - Pongee 9

Sugar Technique Banner

Sugar Technique:
How to make a sugar syrup solution which acts as a resist.

Wrap - Crepe de Chine Ties - Crepe de Chine

Alcohol Technique Banner

Alcohol Technique:
The use of alcohol to add texture to your work by washing out some of the colour.

Scarves - Crepe de Chine Scarf - Pongee 9

Stop the Flow Banner

Stop the Flow Technique:
How to stop the flow of the dyes from moving freely across the silk.

Garden - Pongee Flower Stall - Pongee 9

Project Technique Banner

To round off the course, design and execute a substantial project of your choice.

Waistcoat Yardage